Australasian Region of The International Biometric Society Australasian Region of The International Biometric Society

Our society comprises members of the International Biometric Society (IBS) that predominantly reside in Australia and New Zealand. Currently, membership numbers are over 200.

Professionally, we are statisticians, biometricians, mathematicians, scientists and managers, from academia, consulting or research and development, with biological applications being the common link. Biological applications include medicine, public health, ecology, environmental science, agriculture, genetics, microbiology and toxicology, amongst others.

Our employers range from local and commonwealth government agencies where there may be a team of biometricians employed, to private institutions which may only employ one biometrician.

We offer student scholarships and financial support to attend conferences on a regular basis. See our Prizes/Awards page.

Our main activity is our regional biennial conference. Our last one in 2017 was Biometrics by the Border in Kingscliffe, NSW, and you can read about it and previous regional conferences here.

If you have not already, book the first week in December 2019 for coming to Adelaide, South Australia to attend the next Australasian regional meeting during 1-6 December 2019. Seven workshops on a range of topics will be presented on either Sunday or Monday, 1-2 December, with the main conference running from Tuesday to Friday lunchtime.

Attuned to the interests of the regional membership, the conference will look at statistics research and applications in medicine and public health, agriculture and environment, genetics, natural sciences and education. The list of speakers is: Marti Anderson, Daniela Bustos-Korts, James Carpenter, Claudia Czado, Joanne De Faveri, Max Moldovan, Blair Robertson and Christopher Wikle.

More information is available on For enquiries please contact Prof Alan Welsh ( or Dr Olena Kravchuk (

Last updated 5 November 2019